Outfit Ideas For Summer👗👠👒

Hello everyone, its been long time I wished you guys, hope everyone’s having an amazing summer. I missed you guys so much !!!! I’m having awesome summer .I should say this summer was my Best 😎🤩. I’m having so much fun attending local events, food gatherings with friends, concerts gosh!!!!! , it’s a never ending list. I’m ready to show off the outfit i wore to one of concert’s, so here I come again with a new look hope you guys love this look and will try it as well.

So this particular outfit,

i’m wearing a high waist Floral Pant form Zara it was on sale for  $ 10 😉  I know right  🤓 I got lucky. Its a Chiffon Material, and it has shorts stitched in and the leg portion of the pants are see through..which makes it pretty darn cute. It’s very light and smooth, so carrying it is easy and you feel very comfortable. I wore this outfit for about 6 hours and I was enjoying it- comfort comes first 😃.

And the white peplum top I got it from Forever 21 and it was around $18, the coolest part of this blouse is it is a cotton fabric – perfect for the summer’s and the cutest thing about this blouse is that it has the bow on the back.😃.

And then onto the makeup.. I wanted my skin to breathe so i used a CC cream and Bare Minerals the original Powder,  💄RubyWoo (By MAC).

For the hair you can do a bun or let your hair free.

You can add accessories to like bracelet and big earrings.

I hope you guys loved this outfit , share your thoughts.

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