Love for Knit Wear😍

Hola a todos, recently I have been obsessed with Spanish so here I’m greeting you guys in Spanish. Well this winter is being a little crazy, last time it was snow but this time , lot of freezing temperatures, wind and on top of it freezing rain 😓.Despite this crazy ups and downs in weather winter is still fun. It reminds of cozy blankets and hot chocolate😍. As Winter is all about staying cozy and warm so my post is all about how to stay trendy in winter.

I have always been obsessed with knit wear , its been never ending . I love the colors and patterns they are simple but classy and elegant. You can go out casually and even for family/friends gatherings on top of it you can stay warm. So I have picked up my favorite ones from my recent purchases.  

The first one , its from Forever21. If you are into stripes pattern yes I would say go for it. Knit wear from Forever21 is really warm so I would give a big 👍🏽for there collection. The colors go pretty well and they have puffy sleeves, I was not sure about it initially but the color and pattern made me purchase this, but once I tried, it looked good on me. Coming to the length of the top its not too long and not even too short it stays right near to hip so its perfect length. You can pair it up with Jeans and for accessories you can go with heels or ankle boots. So here is your top notch look no 1 🤩 and its not all expensive.  

IMG_0542 2

Look No 2- This one is from Loft. Lovely blush pink is must needed color in your wardrobe. Warmth wise it did a pretty good job but I still think Forever21 was better. I like the neck pattern  of this top, it was a V neck but not that deep. Length was long but I dint wanted long so I tucked in to make it look short. You can pair it up with jeans and skirt . I think for this outfit heels complete the look. 


Last look for this post. This one is from H&M. I must say it was as warm as Forever21. This is a classic Navy blue knit top. This also a V neck top but shot length. It goes well for day and night occasions. I would say pair it up with jeans, heels , slip on sneakers and even shoes as well. This top was on sale and it was a good deal.


I think my post would get you some ideas so shop around these stores and they always have good knit wear collection😎. See you soon people


Let’s Dazzle for Concert !!!! 🧚‍♀️

Hiiii everyone, I know summer is almost here, can’t wait for it. Long days and short nights 🌞 sooo amazing and vacations add more memories for the summer. Let’s get ready for summer with awesome fun and valuable memories.

Before summer, let’s talk about spring to , this time spring in Michigan was crazy. We had to dress up warm until this week. Spring is all about bird’s chipping , little warmth and season of Floral’s fashion🌸. My next post will be all about Spring outfits.This time I’m super excited to share my concert outfit with you.

Oh my, my God….I still get Jealous….You got me in chain’s you get me in chains for your love, but I wouldn’t change this love, I think you guys might have guessed whose concert I went to. Yess it’s Nick Jonas 😍and this was my first concert . I always use to listen to his songs but since past year I am crazy about him so when I got to know about this concert I was like I have to go for it.



So now coming to my outfit it was a last minute haul . Concert was on Saturday and I went to shopping on Friday. I was sure that I want something glittery but I was confused if I should go with a blouse ,skirt or Dress. First store I went to was Forever21. I was sure that I would find something , and in Sale section I picked up a rose gold blouse it had a satin bow at the back but it was too big for me , I really loved it , it was so cute and I wish it was in my size and I even picked 2 other ins, one was a black in color and it was a dress and other one was silver to they were little tight and they were not for my body type. Later I went to other stores like Lord & Taylor but I dint like any so next day morning on the day of concert I went to Nordstorm Rack, it was my first time to that store and I did find some good choice as well. I picked 3 of them one was a golden color blazer , the other one was silver spaghetti dress, and the last one even a multicolor glitter dress, out of three— golden blazer was good for me 🤩, and it was on sale so I picked that one.



As you see my outfit I paired it with black jeans and I wanted my blazer to be a highlight so I choose baby pink cami you can go with other light shades like grey , cream or white would also blend well , and to go with the flow I have chosen gold pumps so that I would dazzle for all nick Jonas songs. For handbag I went with black as my pumps and blazer were gold and for hair and other accessories I dint wanted to look to glittery so I just straighten my hair had regular make up. 

I hope you guys liked this outfit and got some ideas as well for your next fun filled and joyous gatherings, would love to hear your thoughts on this 💃🏽.





Lets get ready for Christmas💃!!!!

Hello Guys!!!!, I hope everyone is pretty excited for Christmas😍, I know it’s in 2 days, I can’t believe that 2017 is ending and we are entering 2018, I wish everyone Happy Christmas and Happy new year in advance. May all your wishes and desire come true in 2018 and have a prosperous year. 

As we all might have Christmas parties to attend, you guys might be confused with what to dress, what accessories should I put and how about my make-up. 😅OMG!!!, I know so many questions right well well let’s breathe, don’t worry I have come up with some plan to rescue the day, so guys might already know what color I choose as you can see my featured image. 


Yes, it’s a black dress from Loft, I recently purchased it and it was on sale, the cute thing🤗 about this dress is it gives a vintage look and more over it has cold shoulder with full hands, it even has a little bit flare too with this you can even flaunt as well. For foot wear, I wanted to match with my purse so I went with white heels with a little cute bow but you can even pair them up with black as well and even red would go good to. 


For my make-up I applied Laura Mercier tinted Moisturizer and for Lipstick I wanted something that pop’s… as it’s for Christmas party so I went with Mac Ruby woo💄, finally I used smash box nude eye Palette. I am not a big jewelry fan, buy you can wear a simple gold or silver neck piece. 

I hope you guys love this outfit, please share your thoughts