Outfit Ideas For Summer👗👠👒

Hello everyone, its been long time I wished you guys, hope everyone’s having an amazing summer. I missed you guys so much !!!! I’m having awesome summer .I should say this summer was my Best 😎🤩. I’m having so much fun attending local events, food gatherings with friends, concerts gosh!!!!! , it’s a never ending list. I’m ready to show off the outfit i wore to one of concert’s, so here I come again with a new look hope you guys love this look and will try it as well.

So this particular outfit,

i’m wearing a high waist Floral Pant form Zara it was on sale for  $ 10 😉  I know right  🤓 I got lucky. Its a Chiffon Material, and it has shorts stitched in and the leg portion of the pants are see through..which makes it pretty darn cute. It’s very light and smooth, so carrying it is easy and you feel very comfortable. I wore this outfit for about 6 hours and I was enjoying it- comfort comes first 😃.

And the white peplum top I got it from Forever 21 and it was around $18, the coolest part of this blouse is it is a cotton fabric – perfect for the summer’s and the cutest thing about this blouse is that it has the bow on the back.😃.

And then onto the makeup.. I wanted my skin to breathe so i used a CC cream and Bare Minerals the original Powder,  💄RubyWoo (By MAC).

For the hair you can do a bun or let your hair free.

You can add accessories to like bracelet and big earrings.

I hope you guys loved this outfit , share your thoughts.


Snow is here, Yipeee!!!!!!

Hello Everyone , hope you guys are staying warm and having good time with family. I hope you guys are pretty excited as Christmas is like 2 weeks away I hope everyone is busy setting up Christmas tree and planning for gifts, especially for kids its their most awaited day of the year, and smile on there faces when they see the presents its the best thing.

As  December is holiday month which means family and friends gathering,so a little occasion to get ready. But deciding an outfit for winter is little bit though as you want to wear warm clothes and at the same time you want to look trendy and easy to carry yourself. So with these things in mind I decided to go with the Sweater shirt and jeans.



So coming to my outfit, I had to attend brunch gathering with my friends at a local restaurant and it was snowing I thought to go with this yellow crop shoulder sweater from Forever21. I paired it with black jeans which is from American eagle outfitters. As Black and Yellow is old and perfect combination. I had very light make up and I paired up it with UGG Boots, you can even pair with any snow boots you want, any kind of boots would go easily with the outfit.

I hope you guys liked this outfit , please share your thoughts and let me know if you guys want more of these kinda looks. 😉 😀



Last Days of Fall-Winter is here

Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing good, winter is here so stay warm and dress up warm , so guys finally Meena is here and you guys know she is awesome she has her own make up blog MakeupbyMeena check her blog to she has amazing posts. So we had so much fun we went shopping, movie and then to Frankenmuth- Christmas WonderLand, and I hope you guys love my new look that I tried.


Frankenmuth is a beautiful city in Michigan and its know for its Bavarian-style architecture. This place has all German roots, so we went to this store which is Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland . This Store is all about Christmas we can get everything you need for Christmas like trees , decors , candy, lighting etc.. Its a pretty store and huge one we spent 2.5 hours and next we walked on the streets they were so pretty with all the lighting. Our next stop was a candy store , it was crazy they have various range of candy I have posted the pictures and last but not the least we went to Zehnder’s Restaurant, they have the famous Fried Chicken , they served so much food, it was difficult for us to complete that meal. So this is how I spent my weekend.


Coming back to my look now I know winter is as all about chilly , snow so you need to dress up warm and at the same time you also want to feel comfortable and cozy , I though oversized sweater and warm leggings would give you great look and at the same time they also keep you warm. As I wanted to look trendy I picked up bright orange color oversized sweater from Forever 21, they have amazing collection check them out and I even liked the leggings they were comfortable as well and finally for foot wear I choose Vans Slip on sneakers they obviously give a great cool look for the outfit, you can even pair them with UGG Boots or any other snow boots.I hope you guys love this look, please share your thoughts.